Foods to Avoid in Order to Build Ripped Muscles Fast

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Foods to Avoid in Order to Build Ripped Muscles Fast

Foods to Avoid in Order to Build Ripped Muscles Fast

If you are into ripped muscle building then you must know that there are certain foods that you must avoid in order to build ripped muscles fast.

Muscle building requires you to have some knowledge of foods and nutrition. Your diet is more important than your daily workouts.

Your diet is what will determine how fast you will build those huge ripped muscles. A diet rich in proteins and low in sugar is what you want to aim for.

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Foods to Avoid in Order to Build Ripped Muscles Fast

You must avoid sugar altogether, this means you should have a diet low in carbohydrates but high in proteins. Proteins is the building block for your muscle building workouts.

You should avoid milk shakes as they contain high levels of sugar. Bagels, donuts, cakes and chocolates are also a big No! Ice creams and sugary drinks must be swapped for water or protein based alternatives.

You can eat fruits and vegetables, even though they contain sugar. Fruits and veggies unlike carbohydrates they are rich in other essential nutrition such as: vital vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Carbohydrate foods are mostly made of sugar. Their calorie compound is solely based on sugar. 1 gram of sugar is equal to 4 calories. You must at least 0.8 grams of proteins times your current weight in pounds in order to gain ripped muscles.

This is the bare minimum to build muscles fast. Daily workouts are good, however if you do not take care of your diet. No matter how much you work out you will never gain ripped lean muscles fast.

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