7 Elite Plant Based High Protein Foods to Build Muscle

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7 Elite Plant Based High Protein Foods to Build Muscle

7 Elite Plant Based High Protein Foods to Build Muscle

If you want to build ripped packed muscles then you must have an elite diet plan, we will discuss 7 high protein plant based foods to build muscles.

Building ripped packed muscles require you to have some knowledge in how your body works. Your body needs proteins in order to developed ripped packed muscles.

Exercise is another route, however your diet is more important than exercise. You will develop ripped packed muscles fast by simple having a high protein diet plan.

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Some people think you need to work out hard on gym equipments in order to get 6 pack, strong ripped packed muscles. That is not true! You can archive that elite alpha male physique by simply following a high protein plant based diet plan. And this is what I am going to share with you in this article.

And to proof that let me ask you a simple question. How would you do to revive a dying plant? Would you simply add water or add nutrition to the soil? The answer is to add nutrition to soil. Plant requires to have vitamins and minerals to revive. A simple dying plant will not only revive but grow even stronger and taller because it is has now been well nourished.

7 Elite Plant Based High Protein Foods to Build Muscle

Below are 7 plant based high protein foods that you should eat in order to get strong, muscular, lean, ripped muscles:

  1. Tempeh: 24g Protein
  2. Seitan: 24g Protein
  3. Lentils: 17.9g Protein
  4. Hemp Seeds: 16g Protein
  5. Beans: 12-15g Protein
  6. Quinoa: 11g Protein
  7. Spirulina: 6g Protein

My favourite are lentils despite ranking 3rd on the list. Lentils are very easy to cook and you can eat them fried without losing too much on its raw nutrition value. I love plant based lentils, they are very tasty and great to build ripped packed, strong, muscular, lean muscles.

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